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Newbie here - Newborn Babies
Is anything as sweet?
Newbie here

Hi, everyone!  I just joined this group, so I'd like to introduce myself.

No, I don't have any newborns myself..... I am a Certified Nurse Aide, and I have been a short-term live-in nanny for newborns for over 10 years. I have taken care of singlets as well as many sets of twins during that time.  My primary business is live-in (anywhere -- I have had clients in CA, CO, FL, and IL as well as TX) for the period of time I'm booked, which is usually two to three weeks full time; however, some parents book me for only one week, and others book me for several months.  Austinites (I live in Austin, TX) often take advantage of the service I offer locally as a night nanny and book two to three weeks of full-time help followed by a week of nights, or only nights.  In addition to service to new parents who recently came home from the hospital, I also offer service to parents who want to go on vacation.  I either take care of the infant in the parents' home while they are gone, or I travel with them and ther infant. I also offer baby-sitting in Austin, when I am available.  I have always loved babies, and feel fortunate to be able to be a nanny for newborns!  I really love what I do!

So, I joined this group because I'm always interested in any new research about newborns or their care that moms may hear about before I do, and about anything else that interests (or plagues!) new parents with regard to their new baby (or babies).  I'm also always willing to share what info I may have that would interest new parents.

Thanks for letting me join!

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